A Day In the Life of a Yoga Instructor (Me!)

A recent Thursday in my life

5:11 am

Wake up

Feed Flora the cat


Pack my bag with the food I prepared yesterday (yogurt to be eaten on the train; sandwich for lunch, frozen chickpea curry with rice for dinner, which will hopefully begin to de-thaw in my bag)

Make coffee

5:55 am

Head out to catch the train

Eat breakfast, drink coffee

6:26 am

Arrive downtown

*Kill time so I don't arrive crazy early

6:40 am

Enter the building, find the gym, ring the doorbell

Meet my new club manager. She's super nice!

Use the restoom while she finishes up with a client

6:45 am

Play around with my phone to connect it to Bluetooth

6:55 am

Finally actually connect my phone to Bluetooth

Set up my mat and blocks

7:00 am

Club manager comes in

No one signed up for class, no students come

Ask the manager some questions. She loves it that I teach at the jail!

7:15 am

Leave! Fortunately I still get paid.

*Kill time before the class I plan to take

7:40 am

Arrive at Whole Foods

Consider getting a cookie to eat later, acknowledge how rarely that waiting plan works, feel obligated to get something which is not a second coffee just yet ... so get some french toast and tater tots... basically a second breakfast.

8:10 am

Head over to class

*Charge my phone... while I kill time

8:30 am

Take class

9:30 am

shower, wash and dry my hair - a good task to fill my time when I have longer gaps in my schedule and shower access (another way of killing time*).

10:00 am

Walk to Dunkin Donuts because biking will give me way too much time to sit around

10:30 am

Arrive at DD

*Kill time before I teach

Call Geico to cancel car insurance. I just sold my car!

11:15 am

Bike over to teach class

11:30 am

Arrive to teach

Use the computer to send a few emails

12:00 pm

1:30 pm

Bike to the next class

2:00 pm


2:30 pm


3:40 pm

Receive an instagram message & follow from a fellow teacher I hardly know. Feel afraid it's a sneaky sub request. Nope! We've only met twice but wants to connect me with a friend for yoga service advice. Great!

4:00 pm

Walk to next class

Stop at Whole Foods (yep, visit number two to Whole Foods of this day)

Enjoy a free sample: a whole slice of white sourdough bread! No need to purchase anything now.

4:30 pm

Arrive at the studio

Unlock the elevator, ride the elevator all the way up because I'm new with this elevator-locking business and it closes with me in it.

Put a few things down, ride the elevator back down to return the key to the lockbox and shut the elevator off.

Ride back up.

Sit quietly.* (/kill time)

Write in my planner.

5:00 pm

Open the elevator to start signing in students

5:30 pm


6:30 pm

Chat with the next teacher. She’s so sweet.


Leave once my last student has departed

Frantically search Jewel for something I can snack on and wind up buying an only ok sandwich.

7:05 pm

Get on the train

Eat half the sandwich, hoping to finish with something better at home.

Eat the rest of the sandwich.

7:30 pm
Get almost all the way home ... the train stops for about 10 minutes.

7:45 pm

Arrive at home

Have wine!

Feed Flora

Do a few dishes

Figure out food and clothes for tomorrow

Send some emails

Set alarm for 6:30am so I can leave by 7am

9:00 pm

Turn everything off and try to sleep


Actually fall asleep